10 Historical Places Destroyed By EVlL Tourists


top 10 popular ancient landmarks on earth that are being ruined by tourism
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History is one of the most fascinating, if not the most important, element to our existence. From the conception of man, historians have been tracking our past through research, archaeology, and oral traditions. There have been prosperous times in history as well as devastation. Sometimes the devastation could be blamed on Mother Nature, while other times it was man’s fault. As the saying goes, if we don’t pay attention, history is doomed to repeat itself. This is why it is crucial to study history and to know where we came from. We have learned from the mistakes of the past, and we took the lessons from back them to make our present better. Luckily, in most cases of history, we can do more than just read a book. We can visit the actual historical site. We can touch the site and picture ourselves as historical figures while imagining what life was like back in that time. Depending on how old the historical place is, there is some restoration work required to keep it looking like it did back in time. However, maintenance can be tough due to weather or any other natural disasters. But a historical site’s worse enemy is actually us!

In this video are ten historical places being destroyed by tourists. National parks and governments now have to enforce strict rules when it comes to touching a site. Want to take home a rock from the Acropolis? It’s not going to happen. If millions of people just took one rock, there would be no more historical site in just a few years.

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  1. I climbed to the top of the Great Pyramid in Cairo and was very surprise
    of all the carving in the stone. I saw names with dates in the 1700's.
    The top is very flat like 15 ft. and covered with dates and initials.

  2. How you explained it, tourists aren’t destroying the Taj Mahal, the air pollution is. So why did you include tourists destroying the Tag Mahal?

  3. It’s really not that hard to not write your name on a wall. People are so self centered they think they really have that much importance compared to a historic relic

  4. I'm disappointed to be American, not only are our tourists destroying ancient sites but sites in America are being destroyed by dumbass dickbag fuckers

  5. So wait. Your saying tourists are destroying the Taj Mahal even though Indians are destroying it them selves by pollution?

  6. This video reminds me why I am hesitant to travel.

    The very concept of “tourism” is the result of countries and their citizens being desperate for money so that they can, you know, survive. It is also a venomous product of past colonialism, so why would these entitled scum show any respect for the “exotic”?


  7. So sad…gosh we're destroying Stonehenge too? Humans lack of respect for the world & its wonders is devastating & its going to get worse…im not surprised tourists are ruining these sites for everyone

  8. Angkor Wat is an engineering masterpiece that conquers the forces of nature at work. It should be a peaceful place and not overwhelming.

  9. Im cambodian and sadly it true that our temple and sculpture are ruining by some tourism. Now they are trying to rebuild the new sculpture but it not as good as the old one.

  10. In years time everything will be broken down. And not a damn thing is being done about it. If I had control most likely things would be stricter and more violent to tourists.

  11. I’m Cambodian and I’m triggered by the first one… I will find the people who left graffiti and the female person that destroyed the Buddha statue…..

  12. When telling how tourists are damaging and destroying things, maybe actually explain how a tourist destroyed something? The very first thing, the Angkor Wat, says a female tourist destroyed a Buddhist statue in 2014. It doesn't say if the picture shown is the statue in question. It doesn't say how or what she did. It merely states that the damage was done. This is not how an educational video is assembled.

  13. this is ridiculous. there is no reason 2 carve ur name, spray painting graffiti, and taking a piece from the structure itself. it's very disrespectful.

  14. At this point, these aren't tourists. I wouldn't call them tourists; I'd rather call them foreign vandals.


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